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"Icarus had faith.....now we have the laws of physics"

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Fear of flying?

The fear of flying or 'Aerophobia' is real and affects a surprisingly high number of passengers!

Through my book "My Plane Won't bite!" you and I will set about changing your view of flying.

My name is Captain Peter Knight and my book 'My Plane Won't bite!' invites you to join me on a real time flight on board a Boeing passenger aircraft. Together we'll deal with turbulence, claustrophobia, thunderstorms, not being in control and much more. We'll explain away all those strange noises and sensations as well as laying to rest some of the myths.

Remember, your'e less likely to be afraid of something with which you have become familiar. The strange noises and sensations are only strange when we don't know what they are, or what's causing them. Through these pages you'll become more at ease with your surroundings. What's more, I'll be sitting next to you all the way explaining everything that's going on around us. We won't be getting too technical and we'll have a few smiles on the way. This is not about psychology and there are no mind games. It is a logical common-sense approach to a widely misunderstood phenomenon.  Why not take the book with you on your next flight? It's time you started to enjoy flying so let's go!

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